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Scheidt & Bachmann and Britannia Parking launch a payment app

31 March 2019
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The British car park operator Britannia Parking will be offering its customers a further smart product: Britannia Parking has released a payment app in cooperation with Scheidt & Bachmann. The BRITPARK app can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store and is compatible with iPhones using iOS 7.0 and higher as well as Android 4.1 and higher.

With this app Britannia Parking is expanding its digital portfolio for comfortable and easy parking. The customer can now carry out mobile payments without the operator having to provide terminals or card readers.

Service measures such as software updates, maintenance or cleaning of terminals are no longer required. The customer can now pay quickly and easily via PayPal using his smartphone. Queuing at the paystation is a thing of the past. After the customer has paid, he inserts the ticket at the exit and the barrier is raised.

At the same time the app provides the customer with further information about the car park, how many free spaces are available, opening hours, prices and it recommends which sights are within easy reach of the car park.

The mapping function with a general map and easy-to-use navigation function is also very useful. A parking space memory aid has also been integrated to help make finding the car again afterwards easier.

The parking app features Britannia parking branding and is therefore ideal for conducting cross-regional advertising measures.