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ANPR Car Park Management & Solutions: How We're Different

14 January 2019

Last month we launched a new section on our website, dedicated to our ANPR solutions. On there you can read more about how Britannia Parking have transformed the car parks of our national clients in the case studies section, as well as contact us for more information or a free site survey.

But why are we different and what are the reasons you should use Britannia Parking for your car park? ANPR companies don’t often detail these reasons publicly so we thought we’d list out just a few of them so you can see for yourself.

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10 reasons to choose us for your ANPR car park solution

1. We are well established

With over 25 years in the car parking industry, we’ve seen trends and requirements come and go. But one thing has remained the same, and that’s our commitment to you and your customers.

Since the 1990s, we’ve built up an outstanding national reputation as one of the most-respected operators in the industry.

When you choose to work with us as your chosen ANPR car park management company, you have the peace of mind that we won’t be disappearing off the radar anytime soon.

We’re here to stay, and offer an unrivalled level of support, customer care, and existing infrastructure to help and support you from daily, weekly, monthly, and year on year. 

2. We focus on the detail

Attention to detail is at the core of everything we do.

With over 25 years as car park operators, we understand how the smallest thing can have an impact and bring that knowledge into our approach to ANPR solutions.

For example, that could include something as simple as reviewing your existing site and seeing that existing customers can’t park near your premises due to parking congestion or ease of access.

Based on that and your own requirements, we will then develop an ANPR car park solution that enforces restricted return policies, preventing drivers from taking up valuable parking spaces outside of allotted and fair usage times.

When you choose Britannia, you will be working with an operator who will pick up on the smallest of detail, providing a solution that can either head that off before a problem happens, or resolve it in quick time.

3. We offer a flexible approach to ANPR parking solutions

No single ANPR solution is the same.

Why? It’s because the objectives you have as a client will never be the same as someone else, and no one site will have the same possibilities.

Based on that, every single ANPR parking management solution we have installed has been completely bespoke and fit for purpose.

When you contact us, we won’t give you an unrealistic off the shelf approach that may or may not work efficiently.

Instead we will always create a tailored solution and will always remain flexible to ensure we fulfil each client’s specific requirements.

4. We are a UK car park and ANPR company

We’re 100% UK-owned and operate from these shores. Based in the south of England, we work with clients all across the country.

That means that not only are you supporting the economy when you choose to work with us, but you also have a UK-based call centre at hand should have any problems.

All of our staff who work in our ANPR management team, through to the installers and customer service representatives are experts in their field. They all have an in-depth knowledge of the industry, the challenges you might face, and answers to any questions you are bound to have. 

5. We are trusted by some of the biggest names in the UK

If you are still sat on the fence about whether to choose us as your ANPR car park management company, then we would recommend that you read some of the excellent case studies we recently uploaded to our ANPR services page.

We have worked with names such as; Savills, CBRE, JLL, LV (Liverpool Victoria), Greene King, West Quay Retail, Sutton Harbour Holdings, Arena Central, as well as implementing a car park solution on the Great Northern line.

Our clients vary from large established funds and organisations to independent property developers and land owners. All of our customers rely on our expertise to successfully operate and provide efficient car park management services.

6. We don’t just offer ANPR solutions

Whilst you might initially approach us for an ANPR solution, it could be that once we review the problem and site, an entirely different solution is proposed based on what our experts find.

We also offer conventional pay and display parking, manned patrols linked to live tracking services, pay on foot car parks, plus fully-managed CCTV and control room services from our Bournemouth base.

7. We have a 24-hour CCTV control room

Once the ANPR car parking management system is put in place, you might want to consider our control room services.

This can help you to reduce the costs of having staff on-site, it will let us monitor your ANPR car park 24 hours a day whether it’s open or closed. For security and revenue protection, it offers a great comfort to many of our clients.

Our CCTV control room is manned by specialist operators who can help your customers and support your existing staff whilst centrally monitoring all operations.

8. We offer a free site survey and quote

You might still be undecided on whether ANPR is for you. After all, it’s not a solution that will suit every single piece of land or existing car park problem in the UK.

Our team has years of expertise of going into a situation, assessing it, and then delivering a quote and solution that the client wants and needs, rather than what we want.

To take advantage of this, please book a free site survey with one of our ANPR specialists.

We will agree a date to come visit you, and on the day offer a discrete survey, performed on a complete no-obligation basis. 

Once that’s done, our specialist will come back to our HQ to put together a detailed and bespoke quote and plan just for you. 

9. We install secure and efficient ANPR solutions

Our ANPR parking solutions are of the highest quality, using the latest technology, cameras, systems, and control systems.

The benefits to our systems include; secure and tamper proof, 24x7 operation, less manpower required, accurate in head count, easy integration with access control.

And in terms of that efficiency we just mentioned?

Well, how about CCTV and ANPR cameras taking photos of all cars coming in and out of the car park, with recorded entry and exit times.

If you are going to be charging drivers, they can also pay for their ticket using either a machine, over the phone, or a simple to use smartphone app.

And if that wasn’t enough, your solution could also include a dedicated parking attendant, 24/7 CCTV security, be ticketless or ticket-based, have barriers or no barriers, issue parking offences if you want them, the addition of clear and obvious signage on site, plus reporting and account management from Britannia Parking. 

10. We are friendly and simple to work with

And last but not least, it’s about the relationship.

We have a friendly team who place customer service and relations at the core of everything that we do.

We aren’t a faceless organisation, but a reputable and ethical car park and ANPR company who put your needs first.

That all shines through from the moment you talk with us about how we might be able to help you with the UK’s leading ANPR solution for your car park.

Get in touch now… 

So what are you waiting for?

If you would like to know more or want to book a free site survey, then head on over to our main ANPR page where you can read the details and book your appointment.

Alternatively, just call us on 03455 555888 and talk to our business team.