With over 25 years’ experience establishing and managing car parks across the UK, we’re proud of our reputation as one of the most respected ANPR car park operators in the country.

ANPR Car Park Systems

Britannia Parking specialises in offering efficient ANPR parking services for car parks and land owners around the UK.

With automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) parking services becoming more and more popular around the UK, and with many different providers in the market, we understand the importance in delivering a quality and ethical solution.

That’s why our ANPR car park system solutions are designed with your requirements in mind, and this approach is where we believe we are different.

What do we mean by that?

From existing car parks to land that is awaiting future development, our team can develop, install, and manage an ANPR car park system that not only offers a cost-effective parking solution for you, but also works for your customers.

How it can work

Our ANPR parking systems could let you enforce restricted return policies, preventing drivers from taking up valuable parking spaces outside of allotted and fair usage times.

For example, drivers parking for free can only do so for a certain amount of time, before having to make way for other customers or visitors.

By installing hi-tech ANPR systems, you can you enforce maximum stay rules to help solve car parking challenges whilst delivering a solid return on investment and keeping your users happy.

In a retail environment this encourages a higher turnover of customer parking, leading to more customers and possible footfall. It's also a solution that fits very well for public service operators and visitor car parks.

Another ANPR car park management solution could be to implement chargeable parking where drivers pay on entry or pay on exit. 

Or you could want ANPR solutions that offer an efficient car park for your staff or existing customers that is lenient with fines and solves a particular problem for you.

We also offer restrictive ANPR parking systems which means drivers need to be permit holders only which works very well in environments such as hospitals and universities.

And with hospitals, NHS trusts, and healthcare clients, we understand that ANPR systems for car parks can lead to negative PR. It’s can be a grey area, so we develop ethical solutions that will work for not just the institution, but also the patients and carers.

No matter what the scenario, we can plan a quality car park ANPR system that works for you, and the people parking on your property.

Why Choose Britannia for ANPR Solutions?

We’ve been in the business of car parking management for more than 25 years, and in that time have built up a reputation for quality, excellence, and ethics. 

There is no one size fits all service, and every single customer we work with has a bespoke approach developed for them. Our ANPR car park systems are reliable and accurate and are already installed in multiple different locations around the UK.

In fact, we have developed our own system using the very best in ANPR cameras which perform even in low visibility conditions. 

Our clients vary from large established funds and organisations to independent property developers and land owners all of whom rely on our expertise to successfully operate and provide efficient car park management services.

We are able to accommodate any car parking management situation, tailoring each solution to the site's merits and customer's requirements, putting forward innovative and practical solutions using the latest technology.

Our team has years of expertise of going into a situation, assessing it, and then delivering a quote and solution that the client wants. 

How ANPR parking works

ANPR uses optical character recognition (OCR) on images taken by cameras. As a vehicle passes an ANPR camera, the registration number is read. The software aspect of the system runs standard computer hardware and can be linked to other applications or databases. 

It first uses a series of image manipulation techniques to detect, normalize and enhance the image of the number plate, and then optical character recognition (OCR) to extract the alphanumeric format of the license plate.

  • CCTV and ANPR cameras take photos of cars and number plates
  • Our ANPR parking system then records times of entry and exits
  • Drivers can pay for their stay using our simple to use app, phone or machines
  • Penalty charges can be applied if you so wish

ANPR benefits

  • Secure and tamper proof
  • 24x7 operational
  • Less manpower required
  • Accurate in head count
  • Easy integration with access control

What could be included in your solution

Every ANPR system we install will be different depending on your bespoke requirements.

It could include:

  • 24/7 management with a dedicated parking attendant
  • Central monitoring from our 24/7 control room based in Bournemouth
  • Ticketless system, or ticket-based approach
  • Barriers or no barriers
  • Issuing of parking offences if required
  • Clear and obvious signage
  • Reporting and account management

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