With over 25 years experience establishing and managing car parks across the UK, we’re proud of our reputation as one of the most respected car park operators in the country.


At Britannia we manage ANPR, Pay & Display, and many other types of car parks all over the UK, from new or established multi-storey car parks, small and large surface car parks to simple vacant demolition sites that are awaiting development. We also provide specialist Park & Ride car park services using our fleet of buses and mini buses.

Our clients vary from large established funds and organisations to independent property developers and land owners all of which rely on our expertise to successfully operate their property and provide our car park management services.

ANPR Car Park Management

ANPR or "Automatic Number Plate Recognition" technology is becoming very popular as a convenient car park management system, but we also offer a complete range of traditional car park management solutions combined with a versatile business structure. We are able to accommodate any car parking management situation, tailoring each solution to the site's merits and customer's requirements, putting forward innovative and practicle solutions using the latest technology.

Current car park management systems in place throughout the UK Include:

If you own land with the potential to provide an income by operating as a car park, or if you already have a car park operating on your land and feel you are not realising its full potential in revenue terms, then please contact our car park acquisitions team to book a discrete site survey without any obligation whatsoever.

Control Room Services

Our 24 hour national Control Room in Westbourne gives Britannia the ability to centrally monitor and control many of its Multi Storey Car Parks across the UK.

A dedicated team of control room operators are on hand 24 hours a day to assist customers, support regional operations staff and manage the company’s extensive communications infrastructure.

Britannia’s control room services can help to reduce staff costs by minimizing the number of operatives needed on site, allow 24 hour monitoring of a car park whether opened or closed, increase security and revenue protection and provide a speedy response to customer enquiries.

Britannia’s Control Room can run your car park more efficiently

  • A 24/7 service with a dedicated control room team.
  • SIA licensed operatives.
  • Live CCTV monitoring of all types of car park operation.
  • Remote control of its PAY ON FOOT systems via a dedicated VPN.
  • Direct customer communication over PSTN / GSM phone systems.
  • Live patrol vehicle tracking & reporting.
  • Staff time and attendance system management.
  • Communications hub for the car park operations and transport division teams.

Work With Us

Working with Property Developers and Agencies, and utilising ANPR, Pay and display or manned car parking systems, Britannia’s car park management services provide a lucrative income from land that would be otherwise sitting dormant incurring costs while awaiting development.

We are always looking for new prospective car park sites and we would readily consider land that can be used in the short, medium or long term.

When considering the purchase of a new site, we would be happy to give advice and submit a proposal to highlight the intermediate revenue potential a car park can provide, to help in the purchase process.

Factors to consider for operating a successful car park are:

  • Location
    Ideally situated near a town/city centre, retail park, public transport hub or place of public interest.
  • Access
    Safe and clear road access for entry and exit with a flat kerb or access road.
  • Ground
    Clear ground with a level surface of preferably tarmac, gravel or hard standing, clear of hazards with adequate headroom throughout.

Whilst the above wish list is not always 100% achievable we are happy to give advice on the suitability of any potential sites that do not fully match this criteria.

Business Enquiries

Get in touch with our car park acquisitions team today!