What is a promotional code?

These are marketing codes occasionally produced that offer additional discounts from our advertised rates, these special rates have limited availability.

I need to leave my car for longer than I have booked for?

You are welcome to leave your car longer than you have paid for however, you will need to ensure pay for your additional time upon returning to your vehicle.


What happens to the Parking Charge Notice amount if I appeal?

Once an appeal has been received, the Parking Charge Notice (PCN) and subsequent charges are put on hold. Someone will review the machine data, where applicable, and take into consideration what you have said. A decision will be made and sent out to you, with any payments and dates being applicable from the date of the appeal decision notice. 
Your appeal response will inform you if your PCN has been cancelled, reduced, or declined. If you are unsuccessful with your appeal and you appealed the PCN within the 14 day discount period, you will be given another 14 days from the date of your appeal decision to pay the lower amount of the PCN, If you did not submit your appeal within the discounted period you may be required to pay the full amount of the PCN.
If unsuccessful with your appeal you will be given a full 28 days to appeal to an independent appeals service called POPLA. 
We do have an internal 35 day deadline in which to reply to appeals, so please regularly check your spam/inbox for correspondence.


I've purchased a Season ticket, what do I do when i get to the car park?

It's easy, the location of your site will be confirmed in your booking confirmation e-mail. Depending on the type of car park you will need to follow one of these simple steps:

Pay on Foot (barrier car parks) – On arrival please take a ticket at the entry as normal. When you come to leave our car park simply press the help button and give our staff member your booking number who will then allow you to exit.

Pay and display car parks – Simply arrive at the car park and park your car, our members of staff will have a record of your booking based on your vehicle registration number.

ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) - You can park your car, the system will automatically have a record of your vehicle registration and the times you have booked

Valet parking sites – When your arrive please give your car keys to our member of staff who will then look after your car for your stay, when you wish to leave simply produce a copy of your booking receipt, or reference, and they will know you have paid in advance.

How do i cancel my season ticket?

We are able to go ahead and cancel your season ticket in order to prevent a renewal payment being taken, however you will be required to submit a written request via email.

We do have an internal deadline of 3 working days in order to process a cancellation, if the incorrect amount of notice is provided, a renewal payment may still debit from the account details associated to your account.

Please email seasontickets@britpark.com to submit a cancalltion request.

How will my pre-booked parking charges be calculated?

The price of your parking is based on the number of days you leave your car with us. We do not offer spaces for short stays online, so the cost of your booking will be charged as a day rate.


Can i pay for parking on the day using the website?

We offer same day bookings at some of our car parks.

Please visit our Book a space page for a full list of the car parks that offer the Book a space option and their prices.

If the car park you want to use is not on Book a Space, then unfortunately we do not offer bookings at that site.

How do I cancel or amend my booking?

If you would like to amend or cancel your booking, please contact us quoting your booking reference and the nature of your enquiry. All cancellations and amendments are subject to the terms and conditions for each product.